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About us


Artribune Jobs is a platform designed to make recruiters and job seekers meet. An online recruiting tool especially dedicated to the arts sector: visual arts, photography, architecture, design, museums, entertainment, and all the creative carreers in general. Everyone can submit his resume and, at the same time, browse the list of all the open job positions and opportunities. It’s also possible to activate a free subscription in order to receive updates and personalized alerts via e-mail. Artribune Jobs is going to become an essential tool for everyone who works in the creative field, in Italy and all over the world.


Founded in 2011, Artribune has become, in the past three years, the most read and commented art magazine in Italy, and it has received international recognition, too. The word “art” is used here in a very broad sense, of course: design, architecture, photography, cinema, literature, music, cuisine, etc. Artribune publishes daily on the web through its site, a newsletter and numerous social networks. It also has a printed bimonthlty free press publication and a mobile application for Apple, Android and Kindle devices.


Artribune Jobs is a project by Artribune srl and digital GUT srl

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