NapoliCall, Il Mare Non Bagna Napoli: New Service Center for the first italian railway

Competition details:
Expiring Date: 11 January
Opening Date: 05 November
Place of work: Home Working

Job Description

"NAPOLICALL, IL MARE NON BAGNA NAPOLI: New Service Center for the first italian railway"

Il concorso di idee di recupero degli spazi della storica stazione Bayard di Napoli, sorta a servizio della prima linea ferroviaria in Italia, la Napoli - Portici.






New Service Center for the first italian railway


Anyone can participate, without limits of age or country, either individually or in groups. You cannot take part in the contest with more than one project.



MODE A: 20,00 euro (with PayPal)/25,00 euro (with Bank Transfer), for each participant, if you want to compete for a final prize of 500,00 euro (excluding tax) for single participant.

MODE B: 30,00 euro (with PayPal)/ 35,00 euro (with Bank Transfer), if you will participate alone or in group, and you choose to compete for a final prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding tax). 



The results of the competition will be announced no later than the date of 03rd of February 2019. The first three projects will be worthy of mention and it is not excluded to mention another works. The best projects will be reported on the portal of the auctioneer organization; all participants are entitled to a certificate of participation

The first classified will needs a prize of 500,00 / 1000,00 euros (excluding taxes) according to the chosen entry mode (MODE A - MODE B)


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