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Victoria and Albert Museum

As the world's leading museum of art and design, the V&A enriches people's lives by promoting the practice of design and increasing knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world.

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VIDEOEX – International Experimental Film & Video Festival Zurich – is Switzerland’s only festival dedicated to experimental film and video and is among the eight Swiss film festivals supported by the Swiss Department of Culture. Started in 1998, VIDEOEX presents a large variety of contemporary and experimental films and videos, retrospectives and thematic programs as well as live acts, installations, discussions and workshops. The festival includes an International film competition, a Swiss film competition and the presentation of works from a featured city.

Vienna Tourist Board

The Vienna Tourist Board (a legal and public entity) is the tourism office of the City of Vienna and is subject to the law on the promotion of tourism in Vienna.

Villa du Parc - Centre d'art contemporain

The contemporary art center Villa du Parc is an exhibition venue dedicated to today’s visual and artistic practices. Steadfastly focused on contemporary artmaking, the Villa du Parc is a hub for artists and the production and creation of art, as well as a center for promoting and transmitting contemporary art to the general public.

Vitraria Glass +A Museum

We are a new museum about glass in all its forms. A platform where the world of glass acts as a common denominator to connect different disciplines and fields.

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