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Kunst Meran Merano Arte

A house for contemporary art in the old part of Merano. Open all year round, Merano arte presents changing exhibitions in the fields of fine arts, architecture, literature, music, photography, and new media on 500 square meters of exhibition space over three floors. The body responsible for the institution is the non-profit association Merano arte, which is financed by undefinedpublic and private funds. Main sponsor: Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

Kunstblock Rotterdam

The cultural institutions in and around the Witte de Withstraat – Showroom MAMA, TENT, V2_, CBK Rotterdam, WORM and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art are united in Kunstblock Rotterdam (Arts Block Rotterdam) in order to make better use of the potential of the Witte de With street as a melting pot of many cultures and interests. The special mix of restaurants, unique shops, arts and culture make the street one of the most appealing in Rotterdam.

Kunsthal Aarhus

Kunsthal Aarhus is a contemporary art centre located at the heart of the city of Aarhus, Denmark: cutting edge art, landmark architecture, intimate atmosphere. The institution initiates, commissions, produces and presents art at an international level to local, regional, and international audiences. Kunsthal Aarhus creates art in a broad context, connected to other fields of human activity, other disciplines, and to a wider society as part of a sustainable approach. It provides a research based participatory, collaborative and transdisciplinary platform for artistic experimentation and critical engagement. Kunsthal Aarhus strives to be an inclusive, transparent, dynamic and flexible institution that fosters the culture of appreciation and values diversity of contributions.

Kunsthall Trondheim

Kunsthall Trondheim is a new space for contemporary art in central Trondheim, Norway. We start our activities during the fall 2013 as an initiative of the city of Trondheim and the county of Sør-Trøndelag. Curator Helena Holmberg is the artistic leader since April 2013.

Kunsthalle Zürich

La Kunsthalle di Zurigo è uno degli stabilimenti più influenti per l'arte contempranea, con orientamento internazionale. Che si tratti di mostre personali, di panoramiche o di mostre collettive a tema, alla Kunsthalle si esplorano sempre nuove terre artistiche.

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