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Casa dell’Architettura

Il Comune di Roma e l’Ordine degli Architetti di Roma e provincia hanno dato vita nel 2002 a una nuova importante istituzione culturale ed espositiva, la Casa dell’Architettura, con il compito di promuovere la cultura architettonica romana e l’architettura contemporanea in generale attraverso mostre, premi, conferenze, incontri e iniziative di carattere nazionale e internazionale.

Casa di Goethe

In the very rooms where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) stayed during his journey to Italy (1786-1788) with the painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein and other German artists, the Casa di Goethe, Germany's only museum on foreign soil has been opened in 1997.

CASA Theatre Festival

CASA Latin American Theatre Festival was created in 2007 by Daniel Goldman to fill a gap that needed filling. While Latin American cinema, music, visual arts and literature were enjoying a great success in the UK, theatre somehow had been left behind. CASA was set up to change this, to build bridges between two incredible theatre cultures, to create regular opportunities for Latin American theatre and theatre makers in the UK.

Cass Sculpture Foundation

Cass Sculpture Foundation is an independent commissioning body dedicated to commissioning new work from emerging and established artists. It was developed as a charitable foundation in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass.

Cattleya S.r.l.

Cattleya is Italy’s leading independent film and television producer. The company has produced over 60 feature films, including several high-profile pictures in English for worldwide release, and a dozen television series. With the creation of think|cattleya in 2009, Cattleya also established itself in the advertising field and is now behind several of the most prestigious Italian campaigns.

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