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ENSAE Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique

Created over 70 years ago l'ENSAE ParisTech is France's only grande école specialising in economics, statistics and actuarial science. The mastery of mathematical tools is the basis on which its students develop a double competence in economics and statistics. ENSAE graduates specialise in a wide variety of domains, leading to employment in the tertiary sector, notably in areas where scientific innovation predominates, and in particular in banking, insurance, energy, transport, consulting and the design and interpretation of surveys, and in both French and international public bodies.

Ensba - École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon

L'École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon est une école d'art nationale spécialisée dans la pédagogie de l'art et du design. Fondée en 1756, elle a connu de nombreuses évolutions.


esterni is a cultural enterprise based in Milan. Since 1995, hundreds of people have contributed to the development of projects. Below are listed all the esterni (up to date): daily workers, employed full-time in the head offices, and divided between Executive Board and staff, collaborators, who develop projects around the world, interns, graduates and undergraduates who are in training.


Associazione culturale indipendente che promuove l'arte contemporanea nel rapporto artista/pubblico/territorio |Independent arts association, its main purpose is to create a dialogue and a mutual connection between contemporary artists and their public.

EuroMilano S.p.A.

EuroMilano S.p.A. has been a land and real estate redevelopment company since 1986, which over the years has become highly experienced in the control and management of land redevelopment projects from planning right through to construction. Through assets and property management EuroMilano takes part in large scale land redevelopment schemes and requalification of abandoned historical metropolitan areas.

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