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Vocabolomacchia Teatrostudio - Associazione Ippocampo

The Ippocampo Theatre Association a non-profit body, was established in Rome in 1991 to promote and diffuse the culture and practice of expressive language linked to the arts of the stage, theatre and dance, as well as the visual arts, in particular, painting and photography. Since 1995, the Association has been based in Umbria, about 70 kms from Rome, where it organizes its various activities: performances, educational courses, and exhibitions. organizza visite guidate con l'obiettivo di avvicinare all'arte chi non si accontenta di dire "Bello!" oppure "potevo farlo anch'io..." e vuole conoscere e approfondire.

Vogue Italia

Dal 1964 Vogue Italia è il magazine italiano di fashion più influente al mondo.

VSL - Verein Symposion Lindabrunn

VSL – Verein Symposion Lindabrunn is an artist's association which was founded in the year 1968 at a special place named „Gemeindehalt' at Lindabrunn in Lower Austria. The primary founding purpose was an artist's colony for stone-sculptors. Art-symposia aside the established art enterprises were held every year till 1998. Every summer artists from nations all over the world had the chance to experiment or do single and/or group works at Symposion Lindabrunn. Specially artists from socalled „iron curtain' countries had the chance to take part and enriched the Sculpture Park Lindabrunn with pieces of art in a very high quality. Since 1999 Symposion Lindabrunn became an open development area, a production workshop for artistic experiments of all genres, specially for art for public space and social design.

Xenia Management

Xenia is a development management company that acquires, designs, builds and project manages residential developments in the most prime locations of central London. Our investment strategy is driven by real estate development experience accumulated over three decades.

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