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CCA - Center for Contemporary Arts

The Center for Contemporary Arts aim to create, maintain and promote a vibrant regional gathering place for the exploration and presentation of diverse and challenging contemporary art forms and ideas through our interdisciplinary programs: film, digital media, visual arts, performance and educational outreach.

CDP Investimenti Sgr

A company directed and coordinated by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SPA, manages various closed-end real estate funds for institutional investors. These Funds include the Fondo Investimenti per le Valorizzazioni (FIV) which owns the site of this International Competition. The FIV acquires properties from public subjects and successively develops them with an eye on their valorisation and divestment, offering a return for the Fund’s investors. The FIV is a multi-compartment fund that currently manages a portfolio of 42 properties acquired from the public sector, destined primarily for medium to long-term valorisation. The former Precision Electrical Components Factory in Via Guido Reni is one of the portfolio’s most representative properties. It was acquired from the State as part of an extraordinary transaction, perfected in December 2013. A description of each property comprising the portfolio can be viewed in the dedicated section of the Sgr website.

Cedav - Centro di Documentazione per le Arti Visive della Fondazione Grosseto Cultura

Il Centro di Documentazione per le Arti Visive, settore della Fondazione Grosseto Cultura, nasce per valorizzare il patrimonio d’arte dell’amministrazione comunale di Grosseto e per documentare le testimonianze artistiche sviluppatesi sul territorio comunale e provinciale nel Novecento e nella contemporaneità. Inoltre, il Centro promuove manifestazioni culturali periodiche (La Città Visibile; Comete; Fuori! per artisti under 35) e una sezione didattica per sensibilizzare all'arte adulti e bambini (Cedav Junior).

Celeste Network

Fast growing community for international artists, photographers, curators, galleries, collectors and art lovers who share a common interest in art.

Central Saint Martins

University of the Arts London. We're internationally renowned for the creative energy of our students, staff and graduates.

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