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Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, the oldest public art museum in the United States, was founded in 1842 by Daniel Wadsworth, one of the first important American patrons of the arts. Its collections of nearly 50,000 works of art span 5,000 years and feature the Morgan collection of Greek and Roman antiquities and European decorative arts; world-renowned baroque and surrealist paintings; an unsurpassed collection of Hudson River School landscapes; European and American Impressionist paintings; modernist masterpieces; the Serge Lifar collecton of Ballets Russes drawings and costumes; the George A. Gay collection of prints; the Wallace Nutting collection of American colonial furniture and decorative arts; the Samuel Colt firearms collection; costumes and textiles; African American art and artifacts; and contemporary art. Daniel Wadsworth planned to establish “a Gallery of Fine Arts,” but he was persuaded to establish an “atheneum,” a term used in the nineteenth-century for a cultural institution with a library, works of art and artifacts, devoted to history, literature, art and science.

Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is a catalyst for the creative expression of artists and the active engagement of audiences. Focusing on the visual, performing, and media arts of our time, the Walker takes a global, multidisciplinary, and diverse approach to the creation, presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation of art. Walker programs examine the questions that shape and inspire us as individuals, cultures, and communities.

Warp Artist Village

Warp is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes contemporary art and culture in the Waasland region in Belgium: Sint Niklaas, located between Antwerp and Ghent, is its centre of operation. Warp’s mission is carried out by means of informal and professional encounters in the form of exhibitions, lectures, concerts, performances, portfolio days, summer schools and numerous arts-educational activities. As an organisation we are committed to providing an artistic impulse for the region whilst engaging with the broader cultural network. The acronym Warp stands for ‘Waasland ARtistic Projects’. The term ‘to warp’ is moreover an established notion in science fiction and the computer world and also constitutes a genuine scientific field of research. As an arts platform we see the ‘weapon’ as the potential of any point that can create a greater creative space. Although our activities originate in the Waasland, they are not limited to it: we orient ourselves way beyond these boundaries. At both regional and international levels, effective interaction constitutes the most significant goal.

Washington Green & Castle Galleries

Washington Green unites some of the finest painters and most collectable artists in the contemporary art world. As an award winning art publisher, the company specialises in representing the very best art through a network of exciting galleries nationwide.

Weigh Station

Weigh Station è un luogo dove le idee hanno un peso sociale e pubblico. Nasce dalla convinzione che la creatività, la cultura, le idee del territorio contribuiscono allo sviluppo della società. E’ un punto di incontro, confronto e supporto dedicato ai professionisti della cultura e della creatività e ai giovani che desiderano avviare un percorso professionalizzante in questi settori. Weigh Station è uno spazio per l’arte, la fotografia e la musica che offre supporto e consulenza per concretizzare e rendere sostenibili i propri progetti, gestisce una bacheca lavoro, organizza workshop e incontri.

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