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Villa du Parc - Centre d'art contemporain

The contemporary art center Villa du Parc is an exhibition venue dedicated to today’s visual and artistic practices. Steadfastly focused on contemporary artmaking, the Villa du Parc is a hub for artists and the production and creation of art, as well as a center for promoting and transmitting contemporary art to the general public.

Vitraria Glass +A Museum

We are a new museum about glass in all its forms. A platform where the world of glass acts as a common denominator to connect different disciplines and fields.

Vocabolomacchia Teatrostudio - Associazione Ippocampo

The Ippocampo Theatre Association a non-profit body, was established in Rome in 1991 to promote and diffuse the culture and practice of expressive language linked to the arts of the stage, theatre and dance, as well as the visual arts, in particular, painting and photography. Since 1995, the Association has been based in Umbria, about 70 kms from Rome, where it organizes its various activities: performances, educational courses, and exhibitions. organizza visite guidate con l'obiettivo di avvicinare all'arte chi non si accontenta di dire "Bello!" oppure "potevo farlo anch'io..." e vuole conoscere e approfondire.

Vogue Italia

Dal 1964 Vogue Italia è il magazine italiano di fashion più influente al mondo.

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