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Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Emily Carr University leads the country in the contributions we make to research in studio-based art, design and media. We are committed to providing opportunities to graduate students through collaborative partnerships that apply solution-focused, human-centred research methodologies to complex problems, and sustainable models for collaborative and applied research.

ENCAC – European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation

ENCAC – European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation, is a transnational research project aimed at fostering the cooperation between artists and scientists under the principles of interdisciplinarity, European intercultural exchange and the development of new audiences.


Enegan S.p.a. si veste di nuova energia e si colora d’arte. Il trader privato che fornisce luce e gas da sempre si contraddistingue per l’impegno e il sostegno di progetti e associazioni che lavorano quotidianamente per migliorare a piccoli passi il mondo in cui viviamo. Un credo aziendale che costituisce un valore aggiunto e dal quale nasce oggi il desiderio di fare un ulteriore passo in avanti e promuovere i talenti artistici che popolano la penisola. L'Energia Perbene si arricchisce di Energia Creativa per l'arte.

Engage - The National Association for Gallery Education

engage is a membership organisation representing gallery, art and education professionals in the UK and over 20 countries worldwide. engage promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through gallery education.

ENSAE Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique

Created over 70 years ago l'ENSAE ParisTech is France's only grande école specialising in economics, statistics and actuarial science. The mastery of mathematical tools is the basis on which its students develop a double competence in economics and statistics. ENSAE graduates specialise in a wide variety of domains, leading to employment in the tertiary sector, notably in areas where scientific innovation predominates, and in particular in banking, insurance, energy, transport, consulting and the design and interpretation of surveys, and in both French and international public bodies.

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