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Galerie Lelong

Galerie Lelong opened in New York in 1985, and in 2001 moved to its present (ground-floor) location in Chelsea. The gallery’s focus is in international contemporary art, representing artists and estates from the United States, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria

La Galleria nazionale dell'Umbria è un museo italiano. Conserva la maggiore raccolta di opere dell'arte umbra ed alcune tra le più significative opere dell'arte dell'Italia centrale, dal XIII al XIX secolo.

Gallery of Modern Art

Situated in the heart of the City Centre, GoMA is Scotland's most visited modern art gallery displaying work that highlights the interests, influences and working methods of artists from around the world.

Gander & White

Gander & White was founded in 1933 by Frank White. Over the last 80 years the company has established itself as one of the premier companies in shipping providing services to art dealers, private collectors and museums around the world. What we do We offer full service solution for the commercial and non commercial shipment of fine art and household items by Air, Land and Sea around the world. We also offer full service solution for the Import and Export of goods worldwide and also full service solution for all types of art installations.

GAP – Glurns Art Point

G.A.P. was opened in July, 2012 and is the first open atelier house in our area, established from artists for artists in South Tyrol. South Tyrol is the place of birth and home to many established and famous artists, such as Karl Plattner, Esther Stocker and Michael Fliri. In this regard, the world-famous artist Paul Flora is to mention. The house where he was born is located in close proximity to the G.A.P. The grave of this great draughtsman and paintor, who died in 2009, is buried in the graveyard of Glorenza. Since 2011, there is an exhibition of some of his works in the gate-tower “Tauferer Turm” throughout the year.

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