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NOPX, associazione culturale, nasce a Torino nel 2010 con lo scopo di promuovere l'arte contemporanea ed incentivare gli artisti emergenti attraverso eventi culturali nonché di sviluppare progetti per la realizzazione di attività culturali al fine di favorire il dialogo e la sperimentazione tra gli artisti stessi, gli addetti ai lavori, i media, attraverso workshop, contests, attività informative, la creazione di periodici stampati, libri di artista e stampe fine art in edizione limitata e l’opportunità di esibizioni nello spazio della galleria.


NORR11 is a Danish/German furniture company that specialises in creating, producing and launching its own products for the gift and home market. NORR11 has now developed into a brand with distribution in over 20 countries worldwide. NORR11 combine their respective experience in the fields of design to ensure the collection is constantly evolving with new exciting products for the home.


Based in Bologna (Italy), Nosadella.due stems from the desire to create a dialogue between contemporary art and the social fabric of the city, the belief that the artist should set in dialogue with other professionals to enable new processes of citizens’awareness on the context they are living, the story they are sharing, the future they are building.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is an international museum with a large permanent art collection which ranges from the ancient world to the present day. Currently the museum has 350,000 visitors a year. The Glyptotek is an independent institution which receives economic support partly from the state and partly from the Ny Carlsberg Foundation. The museum has a total staff of 120.

NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU has established itself as a global network university, a multi-site, organically connected network encompassing key global cities and idea capitals. The network has two foundational, degree-granting campuses: New York and Abu Dhabi (a third portal campus will open in Shanghai in fall 2013), complemented by a network of more than 15 research and study-away sites across five continents. Faculty and students will circulate within this global network in pursuit of common research interests, the promotion of cross-cultural understanding, and solutions for problems, both local and global.

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