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Gruppo LT Multimedia

Il Gruppo LT Multimedia, controllato dalla LT Holdings srl, è costituito dalla LT Multimedia srl a cui fanno capo tutte le attività multimediali. Le attività televisive fanno capo alla controllata LT Televisioni srl, editrice dei canali televisivi Alice, Leonardo, Marcopolo e Nuvolari. Le attività publishing fanno capo alla LT Editore srl sia per le testate periodiche che per le pubblicazioni librarie (libri, guide, agende). La raccolta pubblicitaria in esclusiva per tutte le testate del Gruppo LT Multimedia è affidata alla LT Pubblicità con sede a Milano.

Guerrieri Rizzardi

Guerrieri Rizzardi, storica azienda vitivinicola, nasce dall’unione di due antiche famiglie veronesi: i Conti Guerrieri, proprietari di una secolare tenuta con vigneti e cantina in Bardolino e i Conti Rizzardi, che acquistarono i loro vigneti a Negrar nel 1649, e costruirono la storica cantina di Pojega poco dopo.

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

The Guildhall School of Music & Drama is one of the world's leading conservatoires and drama schools, offering musicians, actors, stage managers and theatre technicians an inspiring environment in which to develop as artists and professionals. The School is a global leader of creative and professional practice and promotes innovation, experiment and research.

Qatar Museums

Our purpose as an organisation is to be a cultural instigator for the creation generation. This is an ambition that we will deliver together as a group of museums and heritage sites to help fulfill the cultural goals of the 2030 Qatar National Vision. Our brand purpose also aligns with our organisational vision – to develop, promote and sustain the cultural sector at the highest standards.

Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art

The Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art is Queensland's premier visual arts institution and a major cultural destination for Queensland. Located on the South Bank of the Brisbane River, as part of a unique and thriving Cultural Precinct, QAGOMA has recently outlined a new strategic vision aimed at furthering its international profile as a leading exhibitor and collector in the Asia-Pacific region.

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