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Washington Green & Castle Galleries

Washington Green unites some of the finest painters and most collectable artists in the contemporary art world. As an award winning art publisher, the company specialises in representing the very best art through a network of exciting galleries nationwide.

Weigh Station

Weigh Station è un luogo dove le idee hanno un peso sociale e pubblico. Nasce dalla convinzione che la creatività, la cultura, le idee del territorio contribuiscono allo sviluppo della società. E’ un punto di incontro, confronto e supporto dedicato ai professionisti della cultura e della creatività e ai giovani che desiderano avviare un percorso professionalizzante in questi settori. Weigh Station è uno spazio per l’arte, la fotografia e la musica che offre supporto e consulenza per concretizzare e rendere sostenibili i propri progetti, gestisce una bacheca lavoro, organizza workshop e incontri.

Welsh National Opera

Welsh National Opera transforms lives through the power of opera. We are passionate about opera and want to share this passion with as many people as possible. We do this with award winning performances of fully staged opera and concerts which combine a sense of adventure with the highest possible quality. We keep our performances accessible through affordable ticket prices. Beyond the theatre we connect with people through our community and education work and digital projects.

West Kowloon Cultural District

The West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), is a proposed and developing project to boost cultural and entertainment establishments at Hong Kong, SAR.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Since its inception in 1931, the Whitney has championed American art and artists by assembling a rich permanent collection and featuring a rigorous and varied schedule of exhibition programs. By emphasizing seminal artists and artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the museum organizes important exhibitions both from our holdings and from the collections of individuals and institutions worldwide.

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