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Brunswick Arts

Brunswick is an advisory firm specializing in critical issues and corporate relations: a global partnership with 23 offices in 14 countries. Founded in 1987, Brunswick has grown organically, operating as a single profit center – allowing us to respond seamlessly to our clients’ needs, wherever they are in the world.

Bryan Group

Bryan è una digital agency di Milano in forte crescita.

Burren College of Art

Providing Time, Space and Inspiration for artists in the unique Burren landscape was the founding principle of the Burren College of Art. Liberation from rigid programming and opportunity for intense focus has helped the many artists who have studied at the college to find their artistic voice.


G39 is an artist-run gallery in the centre of Cardiff, Wales’ capital city. The organisation recently relocated from a narrow three storey building where it originated, to an expansive warehouse. Here you can see a wide-ranging programme from major exhibitions and formal symposia to experimental projects and intimate events. In addition to the gallery programme, g39 also works in offsite locations for individual projects. The organisation also runs Wales Artist Resource Programme – WARP - an open-access resource and training space for artists.

GAI Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani

The Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists is an organism that includes 38 public administrations with the aim of supporting the young creativity with initiatives of formation, promotion and research. The circuit GAI, which was born in 1989, has given itself a new juridical form which allows it to co-ordinate efficaciously national projects and pick up new resources through the collaboration between public and private corporations.

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