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Urban Center Metropolitano

Urban Center Metropolitano è un’associazione autonoma nata per accompagnare i processi di trasformazione di Torino e dell’area metropolitana. È uno strumento di comunicazione, ricerca e promozione, oltre che un luogo di confronto e informazione a disposizione di cittadini, pubblico esperto e operatori economici.


At Uversity, we are re-imagining education for creativity, the arts and culture. We believe people can best realize their creative potential when supported in the pursuit of personalised learning. Leading universities, institutes of technology and independent colleges across the island of Ireland have founded Uversity in order to advance creative education by building upon our rich heritage in arts and culture. The island of Ireland is a natural destination for studying creativity in its broadest sense; its cultural, literary and artistic impact in the world is disproportionate to a country of its size.

YATF - The Young Arab Theatre Fund

The Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) is an international organization designed to serve independent young artists living and working in the Arab World. The long term goal of YATF is to encourage the sustainability of the independent artistic scene in the Arab World and to nurture and sustain its development.

Yoox Group

YOOX Group è un'azienda italiana che si occupa di e-commerce, nel settore della moda e del design.

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