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Premio Ora

The ORA prize is open to all Italian and foreign artists with no restrictions on age, thinking, technique or any other factor. The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels.

Press Cartoon Europe

The PCE (Press Cartoon Europe) is an initiative of the PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) in association with the International Cartoon Festival held in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. This annual prize awards the best cartoon published in any European country. The competition is open free-of-charge to all cartoonists who publish in European newspapers, magazines or electronic media. - See more at:

Press Up

Press Up è una società italiana che offre l'eccellenza nel campo della stampa online. Un'eccellenza fatta di materiali di gran pregio e ambientalmente sostenibili, tecnologie innovative e a risparmio energetico. Press Up offre una gamma completa di servizi di stampa online di qualità, combinando le tecnologie di stampa digitale (HP Indigo) e offset (Heidelberg e Komori).

Progetto Artistico Libertà

Associazione culturale per l’attività amatoriale denominata “Associazione culturale Progetto Artistico Libertà”. L’Associazione ha lo scopo di promuovere l’arte in ogni sua forma come strumento necessario al benessere delle comunità.

Progetto Contemporaneo

Progetto Contemporaneo is a cultural and social promotion association born in Sardinia in 2011. It consists of a team of art and culture workers involved in the strategic development and expansion of the creativity of individuals and local networks. Our mission is to support and promote all workers in the artistic field, from artists to curators. We want to educate and involve the general public and the institutions to contemporary visual arts. We pay attention to the value of art research and experimentation and to build links between our territory and the national and international art scene. We plan and organize exhibitions, artist residencies, public art events, educational activities, talks and workshops.

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