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Neville Johnson

The three companies in the Neville Johnson Group are all now leading names in their particular areas of the Home Interiors market. Both brands, Neville Johnson and Tom Howley stand for quality and both are trusted by clients to deliver against promises made. With a range of product offerings for most areas of the home, Neville Johnson has become the natural choice for discerning clients who are looking for high quality bespoke solutions.

New Art Center

The New Art Center supports the development of visual artists and cultivates a community that appreciates art. The New Art Center offers a supportive culture that takes art and artists seriously. We serve over 2,500 students annually in hundreds of classes and workshops. Our faculty includes some of the region’s most esteemed art educators. In a setting that is welcoming and conveniently located, we offer an inclusive, multi-generational approach to art education that has served children, teens and adults at all skill levels since 1977.

New Art Exchange

NAE will champion, embrace and engender cultural diversity in all that we do. We will play a leading and stimulating role in the region and ensure that diversity resonates more widely at a national and international level. Through its commitment to informing and promoting the relationship between art and society, NAE will strive to make increasingly visible the contribution of diverse voices to this agenda.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

NJPAC is the artistic, cultural, educational and civic center of New Jersey – where great performances and events enhance and transform lives every day.

New Media Scotland

New Media Scotland is the national development agency fostering artist and audience engagement with all forms of new media practice. The Alt-w Fund supports artists to explore experimental and interactive practice, make use of technology as both medium and message, and recognise the changing role that digital culture has in our society.

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