documenta Institute seeks Professorship Art and Society—Faculty of Humanities

Job details:
Expiring Date: 30 March 2019
Date: 29 January 2019
Sector: Visual Arts
Function: Teacher/Reasearch Fellow
Contract: Full Time, Tenure Related
Salary: Salary according to the experience
Place of work: Germany (Kassel)

Job Description

The German federal state of Hessen, the city of Kassel, the documenta and Fridericianum Museum gGmbh and the University of Kassel have agreed to pursue the development of a documenta Institute in Kassel, Germany. They aim at establishing an independent scholarly institution of international renown that takes the history of the documenta and its ongoing present day continuation as starting point for transdisciplinary research initiatives. Under the thematic frame of the "exhibition," understood as a means by which societies encounter and address themselves, the relationships between art and society, art and knowledge as well as between art and various economies shall be analysed and explored. The inventories of the documenta archiv will serve as an important foundation for the work of the documenta Institute. This facility should become a leading research institute and cultural meeting place for an international public as well as for citizens of the region in the periods between documenta exhibitions. To realise this concept, a call for applicants is being made for three professorships which will be established in addition to the existing documenta Professorship (see below). For all of the professorships a further membership in the Kunsthochschule Kassel and involvement in the planned interdisciplinary Centre for Exhibition Studies at the University of Kassel is expected.

Professorship "Art and Society"—Faculty of Humanities
The professorship involves research and teaching on the connections between contemporary art and society in the context of exhibitions. The main focus are questions of the public discourse on contemporary art, the scholarly reflection on art, the linguistic and communicative approaches to art, the aesthetic (literary, filmic, visual, etc.) engagement with art, as well the societal expectations with regard to contemporary art and the reception of art in the public sphere. In addition, questions concerning the mediation of art in the public sphere (public programmes, art educati-on, exhibition catalogues, art criticism, etc.) are subjects of research and teaching for this professorship. Particular attention is to be directed to perspectives pertaining to the humanities, to cultural studies and to art historical studies. Prof. Dr. Andreas Gardt, Department of German ([email protected]) as well as Prof. Dr. Nora Sternfeld, Kunsthochschule Kassel ([email protected]) are available to answer any questions that applicants for this position may have.

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